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Forms Magic by Digitech Systems


Automated Forms Processing that’s Works and is Affordable? Is this Magic?



Anyone who has priced Forms Processing software has no doubt had the same experience as I. It’s expensive, implementation is even more expensive, it takes forever to “tweak”, and after all the pain, heartache and money, you still only get about 30% classification meaning that one third of your documents end up as KFIs (Key From Image). The reason for this is that they use templates to locate data and to recognize the document. The problem is that if the document has been damage maybe by faxing or photo copying it, rubber stamped, or maybe stepped on, it no longer can be recognized. 

Well the people at Digitech Systems have developed a new technology that automatically classifies documents at near 100%. 

Without getting too technical they use a technology similar to facial recognition which actually looks at the document as if it were 2D. The results are that even heavily damaged documents are classified and data extracted. So documents that would have ended up in the exceptions bucket are now classified, the data captured and the document is automatically routed to the LOB. 

Even more important' before the cost of admission for such software was prohibitive in most applications due to the incredibly high cost of implementation. The weeks or months of template building and tweaking could actually triple the cost of the software putting it far out of the reach for SMB. 

With Digitech’s solution implementation s cut to days in most cases meaning implementation is typically less than the cost of the software (I say typically because this is such an inexpensive solution, I’ve seen the cost of the license so low there was no way services could be less.

The software is called Forms Magic and this is one product that lives up to its name. Don’t let the name fool you, if you find that your production scanning operation is manually keying index fields you just might want to take a serious look at this state-of-the art software from Digitech Systems! 

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