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Colortrac Gx+ T56m Monochrome (T-thick media)
Gx+ T56m Monochrome (T-thick media).

Colortrac Gx+ T56m Monochrome (T-thick media)

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Product Overview

Size does matter!

Gx+T56 Thick Media Monochrome The Widest Sheet-Fed Scanner on the Market! The Colrotrac SmartLF Gx+56 large format scanner breaks new ground, not only in size, but with regards to environmental impact, efficiency and versatility. Equipped with an instant-on, bi-directional, 2D LED illumination system, the Colortrac SmartLF Gx+56 is Energy Star® compliant, reducing energy requirements by using 30% less power when in operation and 94% less power when idle.

The Colortrac SmartLF Gx+T56 Thick Media HD Plus scanners handle high fidelity color graphics, and are capable of capturing fine line detail in technical documents. This unique combination of vivid color reproduction and highly accurate line and detail replication make the Colortrac SmartLF Gx+T56 a perfect fit for the reprographics, fine art, design, architectural, automotive, engineering, and facilities management markets.

The Gx+T56 Thick Media Monochrome captures a wide dynamic range of b&w photos and CAD drawings at speeds up to 9 ips.

The Gx42/56 & GxT42/56 Scanners Include - SmartWorks EZ Touch Software, Floor Stand, USB 2 Cable, Power Cord and a 2-year on-site warranty.


All the benefits of CCD - without the downsides

Traditional CCD scanners have superior color imaging but are disadvantaged by their fluorescent lighting systems. By using white LEDs instead of fluorescent tubes, the SmartLF Gx+T56 is able to maximize the benefits of CCD while saving time and energy.

No warm up, no waiting

While a fluorescently lit scanner can be used within five minutes of switching on, you need to let it warm up for about an hour in order for the tubes to reach their optimum light intensity and for the tube temperature to reach equilibrium. If you do not do this, color and stitch inaccuracies may result.

The SmartLF Gx+T56's white LED illumination produces high quality color, just like fluorescent illumination. However, because LEDs operate with a stable light spectrum from switch on (cold) through hours of use (warm), you do not have to wait for them to warm up before you can use the scanner to best effect. Simply turn it on and scan!

Significant power saving

The SmartLF Gx+T56 uses nearly 30% less power when scanning and 94% less power when idle. The scanner has a programmable timer that will switch the unit into power saving (ENERGY STAR®) mode when it is not operated for the defined period. In addition, its instant-on capability means that you can leave it switched off most of the time and only turn it on when you need to use it.

Light for life

While you would normally expect to replace fluorescent tubes every year or two, LEDs are long life. Unlike fluorescent tubes, which stay on the whole time the scanner is switched on, LEDs only come on during the actual scanning process. They have an estimated working life of 50,000 hours which equates to over six years of constant 24/7 scanning!

More cameras - more accuracy

The SmartLF Gx+T56 has eight CCDs across the scan width to minimize geometric distortion, more than any other similarly sized scanner. Traditional CCD scanners are prone to stitch and accuracy issues caused by sensor misalignment. These are minimized in the SmartLF Gx+56 by housing the eight CCDs within a rigid monocoque camera chassis.

Easy, competent included software

The supplied SmartWorks EZ software is designed for operation by non-specialist users and is very simple to use while providing all the basic scan to file and scan to copy functionality you need.

Fast scanning speed

All SmartLF Gx+T56 extra-large models scan monochrome at 9 inches per second (200 dpi). If you need high volume color scanning, choose the express color e model which scans color at 3 inches per second (200 dpi).

Three upgradeable models

There are three upgradeable SmartLF Gx+T56 Thick Media large format scanner models: m (monochrome), c (color) and e (express color). If your initial requirement is for a monochrome wide format scanner only, you can buy a monochrome scanner now and upgrade to color if and when you need it. If your initial requirement is for infrequent color scanning, you can buy a color wide format scanner now and upgrade to a faster express color model should your color scanning volume increase. You can upgrade your scanner quickly and easily, by email. There is no need for you to return the scanner to us or for a service engineer to call.


Interpolated Resolution - 9600 dpi

Optical Resolution - 600 dpi.

Max Scan Width - 56in (142.3cm)

Max Media Width - 61.8in (157cm).

Max Media Thickness - 0.08in (2mm)/0.08in (20mm)

Accuracy - +/-0.1% +/-1 pixel

Imaging Technology - 8 x CCD

Data Capture (color/grayscale) - 16-bit

Scan Speed 1-bit mono - (in/sec) @200dpi 9.00

Scan Speed 8-bit grayscale - (in/sec) @200dpi 9.00

Paper Path - Face-up, front entry, front exit.

Power Requirements - External power supply 100~250 VAC autosensing +/-10%, 50 - 60Hz Less than 40Wh (scanning) / 4.2Wh (standby).

Weight & Dimensions (WxHxD) - 97lbs (44 kg) 56.7in x 7in x 14.6in (114 x 18 x 37cm).

Host Platform - Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit architectures.

Included Software - SmartWorks EZ SCAN/COPY/EMAIL software - supports TIFF, JPEG, PNG & PDF; WIA/STI interface.

Accessories - Floor stand, Paper catch basket, Document return guide, Universal Repro Stand, PC and monitor mounting kit (floor stand required).

2 Year on-site warranty

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